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Unattended Catalina Island Ash Scattering Service

Quick Details

Availability Options: Specific date and time is not an option with this service
Location: Catalina Island

Ash Scattering Memorial Services on Catalina Island

Catalina Island makes for a beautiful destination to spread the ashes of a departed loved one. Maybe your family has a special connection to the island or simply appreciates it as a memorable location for a memorial service. Prince Charters is here to help you scatter the ashes of a loved one with a beautiful farewell on the Pacific Ocean.

This ash scattering service is ideal for those who do not wish to attend the service or unable to attend. The captain is able to scatter your loved one’s ashes with respect and compassion. Upon leaving the memorial site, the captain will make a turn around the ashes in recognition of your loved one and ring the bell eight times, signaling the last watch in true nautical fashion.

We email a certificate that shows the date, time and exact coordinates of the memorial service so that your family may keep a touching tribute to this moment of farewell.

You may contact us with any questions, concerns or request. We will do everything in our power to meet your needs during your time of difficulty.