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Three roses floating in the water

I am struggling to convey to you just how much I appreciated all of your help with the application and the attaining of the permit for the scattering of my parents ashes. You were so kind, understanding and helpful, I could go on.

The day of the scattering could not have been more beautiful. Your dear husband Captain Doug was extremely professional. The 1st mate Jack is a gentleman, compassionate and as well extremely professional.

Thank for the certificate with the GPS coordinates, date and time. The picture of all of us was a pleasant surprise.

Sincere thanks,

a person sitting in a boat on a body of water

My wife and I would like to express our appreciation to all of you for the way you respectfully understood the pain we were in.

Thank you Donna for your patience and understanding and back and forth calls.

Words alone cannot say how we feel. That was a very sad day as you may imagine but, we were able to spread our daughter’s ashes at sea as she always wanted to be by the ocean.

Captain Doug and First Mate Jack were very thoughtful and courteous helping us board the boat.  The flower petals in the lowering basket for the urn made it a little more special.

We will to thank you also for the photos and the coordinates where her ashes were put into the ocean.  Thank you again.  We just wish to say how professional and understanding you were in our time of need.

Sincerely, Ed and Barbara Smith

a sunset over a body of water

Thank you for such a beautiful scattering service. It more than met my expectations. Since we love each other with the way we look at each other; smile at each other; and hug and hold each other, it was very important that my husband’s body be put to rest in the ocean we both loved with a bit of ceremony and a lot of love.

You provided the perfect service and God provided the perfect weather to accomplish that purpose. The presence of my family was so special. We have always believed that God gave us to each other and will reunite us in our forever lives. I feel that I did my best to honor my husband’s earthly love for me through the ocean burial. Thank you again. The certificate is beautiful.